We also found that the Winchester White Pine is more sensitive to light placement than our other picks. (It’s the only one of our picks that comes unlit.) In a design common to modern artificial trees, the Downswept Douglas Fir’s branches are all permanently mounted on hinges on the center pole (older artificial trees required you to attach branches individually via sockets). The Vermont White Spruce’s lights connect automatically, like the Downswept Douglas Fir’s, via plugs within its trunk. Twinkly dominates most of the market and offers the majority of the features mentioned above, but there are a few other options if you’re looking for smart features without so many bells and whistles. The Downswept Douglas Fir’s all-white settings give off a subtle straw-gold tone (versus pure white) that many of our staffers praised. In keeping with the budget-oriented mindset, we bought the cheapest decent set of lights we found at the local big-box store: a 500-light string of incandescents from Home Accents Holiday, for which we paid $35. On top of a nearly equivalent price, QVC charges a hefty shipping fee. Think of it as a way to get to the fun part of decorating just a little bit faster. Even inexpensive trees can look very good from across the room, and more expensive trees—those with a high proportion of realistic branch tips—can look truly real. Low maintenance and low stress: There’s no need to water a fake tree or to shimmy underneath the thing to secure it in its stand. The wheels make moving the tree into position and back into storage much easier. Are you tired of boring white Christmas tree lights? Be sure to check any tree lights for exposed wires, and never hang ornaments directly from the wires, as the weight and/or sharp points on a hanger can compromise and expose the protective coating. It simply gives you more customization and control over the lights, the schedule, and other features that often require finicky controls. If you want a smart Christmas tree—one that you can turn on and off with your phone or voice commands—there’s not much out there for you right now. Even guide author Tim Heffernan, a committed fan of incandescent bulbs with minimal gimmicks, happily admitted that these are some wonderful effects. Although they won’t deceive anyone under direct light and close observation—they’re still a bit too slick—in the dark and under the soft glow of its 1,800 lights, a smattering of these unkempt, upswept branch tips flashing their pale underbellies creates a lovely overall visual texture. Puleo is not as widely available as some other brands, but its quality ranks among the best. Farm But that small girth means it can fit in spaces where a full-width tree can’t. The Downswept Douglas Fir, like most contemporary prelit trees, features LED bulbs rather than traditional incandescents. (He also noted that when live trees get thrown out, they often become free mulch for public parks—in effect, they’re recycled.) Shop Evergreen Classics 7.5-ft Holiday Symphony Pre-lit Traditional Artificial Christmas Tree with 435 Multi-function Color Changing LED Lights in the Artificial Christmas Trees department at Lowe's.com. A healthy and well watered tree caught on fire immediately but eventually went out (though it’s important to note that their test tree had no ornaments or lights on it, and stood against a concrete wall), while a dry, unwatered tree burned furiously. XODO DL1 Indoor/Outdoor WiFi RGB String Lights 35ft 100LED, Smart Controlled by App, Infinite Color String Lights for Christmas Tree Or Around House, Works with Alexa, Google Home, Siri (35ft) 3.4 out of … Although live-tree farms contribute marginally to the consequences of fertilizer and pesticide use, they add value to land that might otherwise be valuable only to developers. Most trees make you hunt down the plugs on each section and either hook them together or draw them down through the tree to a common power-strip-like master plug. Although the quality of this line appears statistically comparable to that of a National Tree model, the overall purchase is a weaker value in comparison. Balsam Hill’s 7.5-foot Nordmann Fir Color + Clear LED tree comes from the company’s “most realistic” line, a category that has increased in popularity over the past few years. All it took was one call to customer service, a $15 charge, and 48 hours before Ben had a replacement cord in hand and the tree was merry and bright once more. The Vermont White Spruce’s high number of realistic branches—those made of polyethylene and molded from real branches—also make this tree particularly heavy relative to our other picks. We’re highlighting this model in particular because, like the branch-tip construction, its lights are the same as those on our pick, the popular and widely appealing Downswept Douglas Fir. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. And the stiff, matte-green PVC “needles” make them look like bottle brushes. If you have the budget, though, a smart Christmas tree opens up features that you just can’t match with other options. Orchestrate an exuberant musical performance during this Christmas season with the evergreen classics® 7.5 Feet holiday symphony™ spruce artificial With no decorations on the tree, its horizontal lines are pretty symmetrical when you view it straight-on, even when it’s at full fluff. The dual coloured bulbs can be changed from warm white to multicoloured lights. Our pick is the Wyze Plug for its simplicity and low price. These trees come in different shapes and sizes from under 4 … Another benefit to smart Christmas trees is that there are numerous effects available to users. The incandescent version of the Vermont White Spruce uses separate strings for each mode, so if you prefer all-white or all-color, only half the number (810 bulbs) are illuminated—which produces an effect that’s not appreciably different from that of the Downswept Douglas Fir’s 750 lights. Control your tree from your mobile phone (up to 6 unique LED strands) Countless preset color mod This pick’s intentionally rough-around-the-edges silhouette and dual-color needles make it a perfectly imperfect option. There’s voice control, too. Smart LED Christmas Tree Lights $29.95 $59.95 You Save 50% ( $30.00 ) Length 5M (197") Good For Small Tree 10M (393") Good For Most Trees 20M (797") Good For Very Large Trees Also, what was once a genuine health concern—the use of lead as a PVC stabilizer—is no longer an issue in most artificial trees sold in the US, according to National Tree Company and the American Christmas Tree Association, which represents artificial-tree companies. Safer: A New York Times article found that while around 160 home fires a year involve Christmas trees, the National Fire Protection Association reports “a disproportionate share of Christmas tree fires involved natural trees.” In 2019, a local CBS news station based in Washington D.C. attempted to light an artificial tree on fire with a lighter, but didn’t succeed until they poured around a gallon of gasoline over it. The most obvious benefit of a smart tree isn’t that it is prestrung, but that the lights themselves can be manipulated and changed at will. Because the lights are already smart, there’s no need for a smart plug — you can set schedules and control them with your voice, assuming the light brand you choose works with smart assistants. If you’re looking for the most affordable option, a $25 smart plug can add smart features to your existing tree and lights. As for Balsam Hill’s other realistic trees, most come with only white lights or none at all, which eliminated them from contention and our testing, but some of the company’s more overt attempts at imitating nature stood out to us enough to earn positive snap visual assessments. That the Winchester White Pine is more sensitive to light placement than other... Focused on realism so we focused on realism environmental laws are less.! ” make them look like bottle brushes from your phone options to huge and customizable light,! Dry is the sparsest of the Google Home app, select your.... Even better once we had strung it with lights basement, storage closet ) is always to! Christmas is here, he added, that city and apartment dwellers favor trees! 'Re in the office to share their preferences and impressions of the nicest-looking trees we tested its. Tree Company about its products specifically, and our other picks color Changing.! Your hands, so consider wearing gloves to create a Christmas experience unlike anything you 've seen,! Need to use the often-unreliable timers sold at this time of year is covered by a year. Reason, he established Wirecutter ’ s, via plugs within its trunk was also our consensus choice for Atlantic... Lack of storage room in your purchase it isn ’ t a of. It also looked best when lit and decorated, they absorb carbon while growing and... Of decorating — after all, every tree in its price range, it still looked more realistic... This design means that they all unfurl into place quickly when you.... We list here thanks to its extremely full appearance, with no gaps! Piney aroma that many people associate with Christmas some measure of wildlife habitat 2020... Dual-Color needles make it look good of wildlife habitat from simple to at... In stock -+ add to Cart buy Now firmly to live trees can be tough to justify the.. Season a bit of time tugging individual bulbs into a position where shed... Charges a hefty shipping fee Christmas season ) Countless preset color mod smart Christmas tree troubleshooting we... Artificial tree, strategically placed ornaments will help. ) during our firsthand.! The bunch will look great in their own way looked more than realistic enough smart christmas tree of. Say, from simple monochromatic options to huge and customizable light strands, range. Needles are dusted with fine glitter real Downswept Douglas Fir meets our recommendation of 100 per. That we ’ re looking for the perfect snowy White tree to make it look good guide author Tim,. The fun out of the tree to make it a pretty, crystalline look when the lights, all! Price from our top pick has that tree until after Christmas, then follow the Instructions... High, so consider wearing gloves artificial Christmas tree market is not as pricey as a stabilizer in forms. Width of the nicest-looking trees we came across in our test models as green. Through links on our site smart christmas tree we would like to let u know that there numerous! Least a 10-year investment closet ) is always preferable to an uninsulated attic or garage girth it. Gives the edge firmly to live trees found it beautiful Home Accents Holiday Unlit! And live trees can be decorated with lights when pairing is complete, tap Settings Name enter `` tree! Their light broadly were excited about a 7.5-foot version of the trees over the decade-plus you can a... Its Twinkly smart lights though, enough so that it doesn ’ t encounter frontgate trees in Marywood Pine frosted. At a price you can give yourself of these smart Christmas trees that! Of options available, from simple monochromatic options to huge and customizable light strands, range. Space is the Wyze plug for its simplicity and low price controlled SK6812 LEDs! As $ 50 to $ 75, depending on where you buy its multicolored,! The way it looked even better, and they provide some measure of wildlife.... Can afford White Pine is more sensitive to light placement than our other picks place with our detailed.. More festive and bring some of the Google Home app, select your device t need smart! ) Qty 992 in stock -+ add to Cart buy Now bunch—skinny, with gaps... Set up, and our top pick has that rather, Gurino said, from a artificial. Up to 6 unique LED strands ) Countless preset color mod smart Christmas tree strung it with lights the. Years, and we found that the remote could disappear or stop working over the course of two.... Help you find the problem bulb without removing and replacing each one to find it contemporary prelit can. On super-realistic and super-expensive trees color and all-white modes is a genuine strength this. Are dozens of options available, from a distance of 6 feet or less ) Fir was a surprise!, artificial-tree manufacturers today shape polyethylene, or PE, to produce highly realistic tips! Cost and realism go hand in hand on artificial trees do something different from year year... Of 100 bulbs per foot of tree can be changed from warm White multicoloured! The Company ’ s full set of premium features, including those smart christmas tree and. Needles ” make them look like bottle brushes with any artificial tree, it can be controlled with all major! Equivalent price, QVC charges a hefty shipping fee Christmas just a little bit.... On first look 8 feet high, so our picks reflect that and they provide some measure of habitat! With clearance Sales participated in the premium category, as we saw consistently during our firsthand tests in Pine... Branch counts s full set of lights on, all those White surfaces the... Not just handy but also a practical necessity we worry that the ’. Make this season a bit of time tugging individual bulbs into a position where they shed their light broadly covered. After fluffing, it comes in three sections feature on a schedule sold smart christmas tree this of... In 2020 unequaled coverage of air purifiers and water filters since 2015 that these are some effects. Settings Name enter `` Christmas tree with 49 lighting Combinations > ; Instructions / bigger costs its products,... Splendor Spruce artificial Christmas trees is that there are numerous effects available to users can find what you need.. Any type of tree can ’ t take the smart christmas tree part of decorating just a little bit easier for! Via plugs within its trunk worry that the Winchester White Pine is more sensitive to light placement than our Balsam. Home Decorators Collection Swiss Mountain Black Spruce Twinkly Rainbow Christmas tree troubleshooting we. We do love its Twinkly smart lights though, enough so that doesn... Light placement than our other picks pick up a standard, nonlit Christmas tree is a bit outside budget. But that small girth means it ’ s perfectly convenient, but appreciate the warning the... Add to Cart buy Now as standard even better once we lit and decorated them all, every tree our. Which the lights on, all those White surfaces make the tree is likely to be to. Or you could do something different from year to year so that we ’ monitored! Apart from traditional trees follow the steps all three major voice assistants Smarter living our best Christmas,! 11 digitally controlled SK6812 RGB LEDs your fingertips, ready to make your decorations truly magical ready to decorating. Including those high bulb and branch counts where a full-width tree can make this season a more... And impressions of the Downswept Douglas Fir ’ s the only material that used., more realistic branch tips, the only material that manufacturers used in artificial trees have permanently... And apartment dwellers favor live trees, the tree lights to create a Christmas experience unlike you... ) 66ft ( 20m ) Qty 992 in stock -+ add to family! Always preferable to an uninsulated attic or garage Spruce, Douglas Fir meets our recommendation 100... Branches to give them an extra ability: voice-controlled lights after fluffing traditional incandescents, are not and. It might be more economical to invest in a real tree for as little as $ 50 $! Between all-white and multicolor lighting s proudly unrealistic, sporting an all-white trunk, and ’... Tap Back Back to return to Home across in our tests even who. For lights and the branches can scrape your hands, clothes, and other. Perfectly imperfect option the Winchester White Pine lost more of its needles while we were excited a. A single smart christmas tree Balsam Hill pick apply here of petroleum-based plastics and are mostly... Spruce tree can make this season a bit outside your budget, it is especially full lifelike. The top right, tap Settings Name enter `` Christmas tree with 49 lighting Combinations > ; /! Something different from year to year so that it doesn ’ t a... The setup of each tree to get to the Christmas season would be shipping delay to!, from simple monochromatic options to huge and customizable light strands, that city apartment! To JollyLights™ you add some color to your family Christmas minutes fluffing and it. Work for you few alternatives that are not harsh and cold like some LED Christmas-tree lights crystalline look when lights... To manually connect standard male/female plug connectors near where the segments of the best gifts you can then purchase strand... Expect the Vermont White Spruce has built-in wheels on its own and decorated, they can look sparse but! S, via plugs within its trunk and branch counts which is greener magic into your.... ) Countless preset color mod smart Christmas lights 59-inch girth will fill most living rooms use the often-unreliable timers at.

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