Each year we represent people charged with crimes ranging from simple traffic offenses to murder and all crimes in between.  Our record speaks for itself. Here are the results of the last three cases with LIFE IMPRISONMENT PENALTIES that Lew Dye has tried to a jury.  These are the actual docketing statements from the Franklin  County Clerk of Court.

No matter the size or severity of the case we will always see that our clients rights are protected.



Mr. Dye can help you with just about any personal injury matter you may have. Some of the cases he handles include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Any other case where negligence caused bodily injury


No Recovery, No Fee

Mr. Dye works on a contingency fee basis on personal injury cases. You pay no retainer, and  the Dye Law Office will advance all funds for court costs, experts, and litigation fees. You will only pay a fee if you successfully recover compensation for your damages, and he only recoups the out-of-pocket expenses if you win your case.

Please contact The Dye Law Office  today to schedule your free personal injury consultation. Mr. Dye serves clients in Central Ohio and throughout the Midwest.



Aside from being afraid to go to trial, the major complaint against lawyers is they are not accessible to their clients.  They simply don’t field phone calls and won’t promptly return messages.  At the Dye Law Office all lawyers are  required to put their personal cellular phone number on their business card.  This gives clients access to their lawyer whenever they want.  Call Lew Dye anytime at (C) 614-975-2644 or Garrett Hendricks at (C) 614-404-9082.